Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Hotel Kitchen

Discovering a booth for The Hotel Kitchen at the International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival this year was a pleasant surprise. I had seen their brand before but did not know much about them. I tasted their samples in the River Front Market area on Thursday. On Saturday I went to a Food Workshop by Josh Ganzevoort, one of their chefs.

The workshop was named Bringing Michigan Summer into Your Winter Kitchen - clearly one of my interests. Chef Josh made simple salad-based meals out of fresh produce that is easy to find year-round in the Grand Rapids area and the Hotel Kitchen products. The product lines include three dressings, two salsas, and two chutneys.
Chef Josh. Chef's hands alway move so fast!
After the class I chatted with Joshua about The Hotel Kitchen. If you know anything about downtown Grand Rapids you know about the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel which has been a gem in the city since the 1980s. It now has two sisters: The Downtown Courtyard by Marriott and the JW Marriott Grand Rapids. The Hotel Kitchen food company is owned by the Amway Hotel Corporation and began from the local food passion of the chefs. When customers ask about where to purchase the salad dressings and other accompaniments, they now have an answer.

The recipes – all tested by Michigan State University – are made annually in season in small batches. They are canned at a small processor in Flint, MI. Chef Josh estimated that 95% or more of the product ingredients are grown in Michigan. The products are only available at the three hotels and in small independently owned stores around the state.

Pick them up when you see them. Since they are made in small batches in season, when they are gone you will have to wait for next year.


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