Thursday, November 15, 2012

What’s New at the Beet?

What’s New?

Many of my blog readers also read my Facebook page. But, some don’t, and it is hard to tell who receives which Facebook posts. I have some samples below of what you will see on the FoodBeet Facebook page. I post whatever foodie news, announcements, photos, and stories I come across on the Internet. Mostly they pertain to Michigan but sometimes the news is from further abroad, such as CA Proposition 37.

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 Fulton Street Farmers Market
The first big news is that I was recently invited to be on a Fulton St. Farmers Market planning committee. They are ready for the next step, and I am pleased to be involved. Among other tasks, the assembled group will develop a mission statement, vision, and statement of values and develop a strategic action plan. The six-month goal is setting up a board of directors and applying for 501(c)(3) status.

My new website
I have a new webpage; I hope that you share it with your family, friends, and associates. When you type this simpler name into your browser, it will point to my blog page.

Below are samples of posts that are only available on Facebook. Facebook's latest newsfeed changes may make it more difficult for you to see all posts, so I have included instructions.

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Unique Smoothie Recipes
The Where in MI is MiLocalFoodbeet? Series

Simple Recipes
Cranberry Sauce Recipe – just in time!



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