Monday, September 10, 2012

Supper Clubs

Supper clubs have become very popular in Grand Rapids. They can be put together in a variety of ways. Some are held where the host does the cooking, others are not. A supper club could even be held at restaurants. Last month I attended two that are held monthly.  One was a potluck and for the other a chef prepared the meal. Both had delicious food. The other thing that supper clubs have is common is fun.

The first one that I attended was the Full Moon Supper Club. It started out on the full moon months ago, but due to the moon phases, it happened to be held during new moon time last month. This one is held at a volunteer host’s home each month. In August it was hosted by local foodie extraordinaire Lisa Rose Starner. Each month Tori O’Haire of The StarvingArtist creates a masterpiece meal based on the food of a country. Last month it was Brasil ($40.00 fee); in September it will be the cuisine Basquaise of Navarre, Spain ($42.00 fee including a wine tasting). Each guest brings their own place setting including glassware.

The other supper club that I attended was located at the old Knapp Farmhouse in Grand Rapids. It was a spectacular summer evening that night, and we ate in the spacious yard. It is a plant-based supper club, which means that the food is vegan. I don’t know how many of the 35 or so attendees were vegan, but the food was delicious. There was a surprising amount of variety. For this one, the hosts provides the dishware, and the guests provide the food and beverages.

Full Moon Supper Club

Plant Based Supper Club




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