Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mi Detox Coming Soon

Friend: Have you done it before?

Me: No.

Friend: Do you feel toxic?

Me: Not particularly; I work at maintaining a clean, fresh, Michigan food based diet.

Friend: Why are you doing it?

Me: The experience, others describe the sensation of feeling cleansed and energetic, and I thought that it would make an interesting blog post.

Friend: What do you eat?

Me: Three days of this meal plan: a green smoothie for breakfast, a super smoothie for lunch, and raw soup and raw crackers for dinner. They toss in an emergency Jenergy bar too.

So, what am I up to now? A three-day detox from SIP OrganicJuice Bar in Cascade, MI. Owner Jennifer Pohlman opened the store last February, and I somehow discovered them in early Spring through their Facebookpage. She started the store after moving here from Naples, FL seeing the need for a juice bar. Jennifer had been a stay at home mom with an interest keeping her kids healthy. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and took other classes; several years ago she developed her Jenergy energy bar. The Jenergy bar includes Michigan honey but is otherwise vegan; it is also raw and gluten free. She had been offering detoxes through her home but soon realized that the area demand was great.

There will be a second SIP store in the Eastown area of Grand Rapids opening this fall, and it will be 2,100 square feet. Along with the juice/smoothies, the store will sell packaged raw meals made daily and snacks such as kale chips, desserts, and crackers. They will also bottle juice that will have a three-day shelf life. That is fresh! In 2013 cooking classes are planned. (Are they called cooking classes when the food is raw?)

So, off I will go at 8:00 AM for three mornings to pick up my meals for the day. I am looking forward to the freedom of not having to plan or cook meals for three days. I have been practicing ‘feeling hungry’ this week (and practicing not complaining about it.) J  I was told that I could take my normal vitamins and supplements and drink all of the water and herbal (no caffeine) tea that I want during the detox. For a few days before the detox, I cut way back on overall food intake especially caffeine, alcohol, grains, dairy, and eggs. Green tea is my main caffeine intake, and so far no caffeine headache!

I even made my own toothpaste to avoid chemicals during the detox. I mixed together 4 Tablespoons baking soda, 30 drops of alcohol free stevia extract, 1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin, 18 drops peppermint essential oil, and 4 teaspoons distilled water.



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