Thursday, September 20, 2012

The New Kids in (TC) Town - Part Two

My idea for a quick recap of what is new in the Grand Traverse area has expanded to be two blog posts. That is how much foodie delight there is in the area. Click here for Part One.
Tasty Morsel Culinary Excursions:
I spent one day in downtown Traverse City and started out with a three-hour tour by Tasty Morsel Culinary Excursions. Tasty Morsel was started in May 2010 by Lysa Gudz – aka Tasty Lysa. She is an enthusiastic expert on food in general and the Grand Traverse area in particular. We started at the original Grand Traverse Pie Company where she explained the history of the company – and we each were given a slice of pie! Then, we walked across the parking lot to Burritt’s Fresh Market. I had seen this unassuming market before but had never been inside. We received a full tour of the market by Lysa and long-time market employee Shawn. They feature Michigan beer and wine as well as many food products: Carlsons (Fishtown) smoked fish, Light of Day tea, delights from Food for Thought, Burritts spreads, Sanders pork, Zingerman's and Farm Country cheeses, Shetlers’s milk, Spaghetti Jim’s pasta, Moomers ice cream, and UndergroundCheesecake.

From there we went to the heart of downtown and stopped for a quick bite at House of Doggs. We tasted three hot dogs which all carried unique ingredients. If you are looking for a good hotdog (even a vegetarian one) – here is the place. We went to Cherry Republic for a cherry wine tasting and also the local popcorn shop, Pop-Kies, (and tried pickle flavored popcorn among others). The last stop on our three-hour tour was Fustini’s Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar shop. These are not Michigan products, but I enjoyed our discussion for how each that we tasted might be used as a meal ingredient. They complement Michigan products well.

When you visit the Traverse City area, I highly recommend a tour with Tasty Morsel. In addition to the downtown tour, they have a full day excursion that takes you to the Leelanau Peninsula.

Ambrosia: I walked over to the Ambrosia homemade gelato shop on State Street for a mid-afternoon snack, but due to road construction they were closed. I was not able to get hold of them and wonder if they are closed for the winter. If you get there, let me know how it is, and I will put them on the list for my next visit.

Cherry street market: Serendipitously, my GPS took be through Kalkaska, MI on my way to Traverse City. I came across The Cherry StreetMarket at the intersection of US 131 and M72. This small, charming store is loaded with hand-picked produce, baked goods, and a deli case. It was filled with people on this particular Thursday morning.

Interlochen Farmers Market: A farmers market on a Sunday! How convenient for grocery shopping on the way home. I stopped by to see what was going on and to pick up a few things to keep my kitchen going until I could get to my local market on Tuesday. They had several produce vendors and some craft booths. It is located on M137 and open 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  Sundays, May to October.

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  1. FYI: Ambrosia Cafe is not closed for the winter. Last I heard they are taking time during this slow period (thanks to major road construction at their door) to do an interior remodel. We're all hoping they'll be open again soon - and back on the Tasty Morsel tour!