Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kale Crisps

I was gifted some Russian kale by one of my readers. What fun to experiment with a new green. I immediately decided that I was going to make kale crisps. I had first heard of them when I visited Evergreen Market in northern Michigan last year. It is one of their signature products and comes in various flavors. I Internet searched “dehydrate kale” and found a recipe that looked good. It has olive oil, lemon juice, and Michigan honey. I found that the salt is optional in the recipe. 

The recipe was easy to make – and a good arm workout mixing the liquids into the large bowl of kale. The online recipe provides detailed instructions. I broke off the long stems and rinsed the kale. Then I laid it on a towel for about a half an hour to air dry. The nice thing about Russian kale is that water pretty much rolls right off of it. I cut it into approximately 2” pieces and used the linked recipe from there. They dehydrate down quite a bit, so you will want to start with a lot of kale. They took longer in my dehydrator than mentioned in the online article. That will vary based on the machine.

After an evening and overnight stay in the dehydrator --- they are great! Crispy with an overtone of honey-lemon; they have the slightly bitter undertone of the kale. Overall the flavor is very complex – like a good wine. These are a healthy snack; try them on your kids. I can’t keep my hands out of them – I had them for breakfast! How many times have you had to stop yourself from over-snacking because you were afraid that you would get TOO MUCH fiber?

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