Thursday, May 24, 2012

Juice or Smoothie or Soup Recipe

This Spring I was playing around with what I could do with various vegetables left over from last year. I came up with a tomato-based vegetable smoothie that featured my tomatoes canned last year, some roots and apples that I had purchased at my local winter farmers market, and some vegetables that I had frozen last summer. The recipe is below. But, what I discovered while drinking the smoothie is that it would also make a good tomato soup. Further below are the adjustments for making it into a soup. And, then I thought, ‘hey why not juice it?’

NOTE: The instructions are based on using a Vitamix blender. If you have another blender you may need to chop the apple and vegetables into smaller pieces.  There should be enough liquid in the canned tomatoes for it to blend in other blenders.

Tomato Smoothie
Blend together:
1 pint home canned tomatoes
1 large fresh carrot (sliced)
1 large beet (peeled and sliced) *
1 medium apple (cored and quartered)
12 frozen green beans
½ cup frozen cauliflower
*The size of the beet will determine the amount of ‘earthy flavor’ in the mixture.

For juice – just use the same ingredients in your juicer. If you are using a blender strain the ‘smoothie’ to extract just the juice.

To make a soup, just add dried basil and cayenne pepper to taste. Then, either heat it in the Vitamix (run on highest setting for about 4 minutes) or heat it through on the range-top.

This is a 100% Michigan produce recipe. And, if you use the Vitamix, you are using a machine that is made in the United States (Cleveland, I believe) of at least 70% U.S. content.

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