Sunday, May 20, 2012

Michiganized Asparagus Recipe

I LOVE asparagus. I eat it constantly in the Spring. I never preserve it, because it is just not the same. Recently, the Splendid Table radio show and website featured an asparagus recipe that sounded good to me. But, I don’t typically use Spanish Sherry vinegar and Manchego cheese (also from Spain).  So, I tweaked it!

Although the webpage gives detailed instructions for how to boil asparagus, I always sauté mine in my cast iron frying pan. I did this in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but you could use local soy oil.

I added salt and pepper. And then, I drizzled it with  Cherry Republic Sweet Cherry Balsamic Vinegar and added Leelanau Cheese Co. Aged Raclette on top. It was great.

If you primarily keep Michigan products in your pantry and refrigerator, you can Michiganize a lot of recipes. Give it a try.

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