Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foodie Movies and MI Snacks

I have been watching a few foodie movies lately. They are great with Ruby Red popcorn from Amaizin’ Pop in Dexter, MI and Mooville butter.  Netflix has a lot of food documentaries available to stream or rent. Below is a list of foodie movies for those cozy nights with your popcorn or prezels and Michigan beer. The list includes documentaries as well as the more light-hearted romantic comedies. More snack ideas are pictured below.

Babette’s Feast: This story is set in 19th century Denmark. Babette escapes France and is taken in my two sisters. Years later she prepares an extravagant French feast in honor of their father’s 100th birthday.  Subtitled.

Bad Seed: The Truth about Our Food: A documentary exploring the statistic that 60 percent of the food that Americans eat has been genetically altered or engineered. It raises interesting questions, but the dramatic style was not how I generally like to learn about issues.

Bottle Shock: The fun story set in 1976 that put California wines on the map!

Chocolat: The story of a French woman who opened a chocolate shop in a conservative French village.

Dirt! The Movie: A documentary about one of our most important resources – exploring dirt around the world.

Eat, Pray, Love: I know that only one third of this movie is about food, but it is really uplifting. Definitely watch the Directors Cut version.

Fried Green Tomatoes: An adaptation of a novel by Fannie Flagg set in the South in the 1920s. Loved it. 

Food Fight: This movie is not available yet, and therefore the only one on the list that I have not seen. I thought that it was worth mentioning because it is a profile of Chef Alice Water’s advocacy.

Food Inc.: An investigation of the current state of our commercial food system. (Not cheerful.) Great interviews with locavore heroes Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin.

Food Matters: A documentary about how food affects human health. The way that this one is designed is less depressing than other documentaries. This one is a must-see documentary.

The Five-Year Engagement: This is a comedy playing in commercial theaters now. Jason Segel plays a chef working at our own Zingerman’s Deli (located in Ann Arbor, MI).

Julie and Julia: The fun story of a blogger who cooks all 524 recipes from Julia Childs’ book Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Like Water for Chocolate: When a woman cannot marry the man that she loves – she cooks.

Loves Kitchen: A recently widowed chef purchases a run-down restaurant and starts a new life in this 2010 romantic comedy.

Media That Matters: Good Food: A collection of short documentaries on food and sustainability. The topics include trade issues, food justice, youth gardens, and damages from corporate fishing. Two of them feature Michigan: Growing asparagus in Oceana County where they compete with South American grown asparagus where labor is $2.00 per day and water issues in Highland Park, MI.

No Reservations: This romantic comedy is one of the better ones. It is the story of a chef who becomes the guardian of her grieving niece.

Ratatouille: A cartoon for the foodie kid in all of us.

Sideways: A funny trip through California wine country. There are reasons why this is rated R.

SuperSize Me: Interesting story about the effects of the fast food diet on the human body.

Temple Grandin: The story of the famous animal behaviorist Temple Grandin. She has changed the lives of countless cattle. 

Tortilla Soup: Watch this one just for the food prep scenes.  The story is good too.

Ulee’s Gold: A movie about at Tupelo honey beekeeper starring Peter Fonda.

Urban Roots: An inspirational documentary on the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. The DVD (available online) tells the stories of dedicated people moving the city from Motown to Grow-town. Another one that you all should watch. 

Popcorn and movies are a natural. 

Flat-Outs from Saline make a great pizza
with MI veggies and goat cheese.

Fried Green Tomatoes

There are lots of options for MI
 made chips, cheese, and salsa.

For a heartier snack try deviled eggs 
and lettuce-wrapped spinach dip.

Spelt pretzels with cherry mustard

Ice cream with local fruit - of course!

Locally-made crackers with 
your cheese and wine

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