Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Kitchen

The other day I visited Tree Huggers in Grand Rapids with paper and pen in hand. (They also have a location in downtown Holland.) I have been shopping there for a while and occasionally take recyclables with me – they have an extensive and unique recycling center. See below for a list of the materials that they take for recycling.

Founder, Angela Topp took me on a green kitchen tour of the store. I hope that you get to meet her and chat with her some time. Her environmental passion is strong and her knowledge extensive.

All of the products in the store have an environmental story. There are recycled content kitchen items from Preserve: strainers (I love mine), cutting boards, and dishes. There are produce and shopping bags from Chico Bags, composters and supplies, bamboo kitchen towels, and dishes for children. The organic cotton bibs are made by American Apparel and screen printed by Holland, MI artist Nicole Sheahan. There is an extensive selection of on-the-go containers and utensils

I picked up some bamboo flat wear for summer picnics. They source as close to home as possible; many items are made in Michigan or at least the United States. When they do purchase items made elsewhere they try to make sure that the products are sustainably and ethically manufactured. 

The latest big news to come from this cutting edge business is the Package-Free Grocery slated to start in mid-June. Tree Huggers will partner with Bartertown Diner for this foodie adventure. The store will have an extensive selection of vegan and vegetarian food in bulk. To start, they will carry bulk items such as dry beans, grains, and flours, some local produce, and condiments. They will also sell the Bartertown deli sandwiches and raw desserts. (Have you had the raw desserts at Bartertown? They are fabulous.)

So, grab that toothpaste tube and the other odd plastics that you always felt guilty sending to the landfill and bring them to Tree Huggers for recycling. Bring those bags and mismatched containers that have been cluttering your kitchen and head on over to the new grocery in town. 

Don’t forget to sign up for the Hug Club. Make six purchases at the store and receive a 10% rebate. We are so lucky to have such a great resource in Western Michigan.

Recycling availability:
·         Dry Cell and Reusable Batteries
·         Brita Water Filters (only Brita)
·         Cardboard
·         CD’s, DVD’s Cassette tapes and VHS tapes
·         CFL Light bulbs ( no florescent tubes or incandescent)
·         Cords
·         Electronics (tv’’s cost $15.00)
·         Books (hard & soft cover)
·         magazines, newspapers & phone books.
·         Cell Phones
·         Clothing- -purses, belts, shoes, blankets, sheets, towels
·         Plastics 1-7
·         Unnumbered plastics, plastic wrap and bags (no pvc or vinyl)
·         aluminum and metal
·         Bike Intertubes (not the actual tire)
·         Styrofoam (no spongy foam or foam sheets)
·         Drink Pouches (no juice boxes)
·         Candy & Cookie Wrappers
·         Chip Bags
·         Energy Bar/ Granola Bar Wrappers
·         Tape dispensers
·         Wine Corks
·         Gum Packaging
·         Writing Instruments & crayons (no pencils)
·         Credit & Gift Cards
·         Ointment Tubes
·         Coffee Bags
·         toothpaste, toothbrushes, packaging
·         Ink Cartridges
·         Personal Care and Makeup (no razors or glass containers) - lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, bronzer cases, foundation packaging, body wash containers, soap tubes, soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, powder cases, lotion bottles, chapstick tubes, lotion tubes, face soap dispensers, face soap tubes, face lotion bottles, face lotion jars, nail polish remover bottles, eyeliner cases, eyeliner pencils, eyeshadow tubes, concealer tubes, concealer sticks, lipliner pencils, hand lotion tubes, hair gel tubes, hair paste jars.

947 Wealthy St. S.E. 49506

Recycled Content Kitchen Products

Just in Time for Summer Picnics

Extensive and East to Use Recycling Center

Caps for Recycling from my Kitchen

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