Monday, March 26, 2012

More Meals

Below is what I have been cooking up over these past few months. I am able to make a variety of meals using Michigan produce that is available over the winter at the Farmers Market and the food that I had preserved over the summer and fall.

Ideas from earlier blog posts:

Squash Bisque

Whole Grain Muffins


Squash Lasagna

Two-egg omelet with onion, cheese, and sun dried tomatoes. If you don't have a lot of veggies on hand - use canned salsa for a tasty omelet.

My home canned Indian sauce served with fresh cooked onion and potatoes and the cauliflower and green beans that I froze last year.

Flatout flatbread with basil pesto sauce (from the freezer) topped with roasted red peppers and Dancing Goat herbed cherve cheese (that I froze last summer).

Fried Longways perogis with my home-made (and frozen) Tibetan momo sauce.

There are a lot of options for Michigan chips, cheese, and salsa.

My favorite butter on my favorite popcorn make a great snack.

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