Monday, February 13, 2012

A Cheesy Love Story

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I have a fictional love story.

He: It’s provolonely without you.

She: I curdn't agree more, Swiss you were here!

He: I am not as paneer to you as I would like to be.

She: It's cheddar brie-ing with you than being (Kraft) single.

He: You colby the one.

She: We'll stick together; wheyting it out. It'll be gouda.

He: I'm very fondue of you.

She: And, I of you. I canremembert when I curd'nt be bothered with a manchego – too busy.

He: You were downhavartied, but now things are feta.

She: Thanks for chevreing your life with me.

Thanks to my friend Emily, her boyfriend, and her Facebook friends for the inspiration for this story.

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