Saturday, July 9, 2011

Local Festival

Today (Saturday July 9, 2011) there is a festival in celebration of the 100 year birthday of Cherry Park in Grand Rapids, MI. Local Food - Local Music - Local Fun. The park is located on the corner of Cherry and Eastern.

The Winchester’s What the Truck food truck is there; I am going for the taco salad. Their menu always features as much local food as possible. The kids pool is open and the weather is fabulous.

Here is the music schedule:
A free community celebration featuring live music by
2:30 Twice Since Yesterday
4:00 The Beanpoles
5:30 Badenya Drumming Ensemble
7:00 Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys

I apologize if Blogger/Feedburner did not send this message in time for you to come. I have no control over when the blog messages are sent.

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