Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why I am Giving up New Year Resolutions

I usually do quite well with my annual New Year resolutions. In fact, one year I vowed to start wearing my seat belt in the car, and later that year it became a state law! This year my resolution was to double my Facebook ‘Likers’. It’s more than double! (And, so is my blog reader email list.)

So, why give up resolutions? Because, I aim too low. And, I don’t really know what all is in store for me, so why not let it all unfold?

On January 1, 2013, I did not know that I would…
- enter the West MI Sustainable Business Forum essay contest (I wrote about the winter farmers market), win an honorable mention, and join their board.
- be asked by The Hotel Kitchen to taste and comment on their new products – and that they would make some recipe adjustments based on my comments.
- become board president of the Fulton St. Farmers Market; and how FUN that would be.
- discover a new way of eating and take a raw food chef certification course.
- write and record weekly, local food segments for WYCE called: The Local Feed.
- take a foodie tour of the Kalamazoo area, take a great vacation exploring Marquette, and find out what Royal Oak and Birmingham have to offer to foodies.
- help readers learn about sustainable meat and fish even though I am a vegetarian.
- start writing for The Rapidian.
- feel healthier than I ever have – from eating fresh, seasonal, sustainable food.

I did not know that I would meet such fabulous people as….
- Matt Jarrels of WYCE who is patiently coaching me into being a radio ‘personality’.
- music icon Michael Crittenden, who spoke to me about fishing in the local rivers.
- a hilarious guy who calls himself the Wine Counselor, Michael Schaffer.
- Jeff Duba who I talked to about heritage beef.
- author, Robin Mather, who spoke in Hastings last March.
- the owner/baker from Field & Fire Bakery, Shelby Kibler, and his family.
- Shawn Kohlhaas who will join me in taking The Local Feed to new heights.
- Jon and Kolene from Vegan GR – who gave me a break and did a vegan take-over of The Local Feed.
- all of the countless winery staff, brewery staff, and chefs so generous with their time.

On New Years Eve I will drink a Michigan sparkling wine toast to 2013 and anticipate the experience of 2014.

Happy Holidays to you ALL! I appreciate your support. Love ya! Theresa

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