Monday, October 28, 2013

Chef Jared

It’s funny how I meet other foodies. It’s so easy to strike up a conversation about Michigan food, finding common ground. I met Chef Jared Dellario online. He is working on a book and posted about it in a group that I belong to on Linked In.

He will launch a year-long Michigan farm tour starting January 2014 visiting multi-generational farms across the state. His plan is to stay at the farm and cook with the farmers that made a difference in the area. The book will include recipes and stories of his experiences. I’m looking forward to its publication already.

Jared is the executive chef at Casa Bolero in downtown Kalamazoo. They feature Latin and Caribbean small courses and a tequila bar with 80 tequilas. The dishes are authentic to the areas (such as Costa Rica and Mexico) with a classic French under-layer. Everything is hand made at the restaurant - such as the stocks. Of course, I stopped by for a meal. Adam Renaud is the owner, and he is also the owner of Fandango tapas bistro.

I asked about the locally-sourced food. They serve Otto's chicken, duck from Fowlerville, heirloom pumpkin grown by Evelyn Fig in Decator, vegetables from Bank St. Farmers Market, and peppers from Blue Dog Greens in Bangor owned by farmer Dennis Wilcox. The fresh herbs come from Shelbyville. For local cheese they serve Blueberry Cobbler White Cheddar from Horrocks in Battle Creek. And, of course there’s Hudsonville ice cream for dessert.

The décor is casual, yet elegant. The artistic presentation of the food fits the interior space. I had the vegetable stack topped with heirloom pumpkin and the couscous accompanied by grilled artichokes and chickpeas.

I have written plenty about Kalamazoo foodie destinations, and this is another gem. I hope that you check it out soon for yourself.


Tableside Guacamole

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  1. We love Casa Bolero and Chef Jared! Both are gems in Kalamazoo, and we are so glad we are next door!

    Kathleen & Andy Widner, The Spirit of Kalamazoo