Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily De-Lish

I instantly liked Molly when I noticed that the neatly wrapped scarf folded under her bright smile matched her blue logo. It’s a visual attention to detail not often seen among farmers market stalls on a Saturday morning. Molly owns Daily De-lish and makes 6 specialty granola flavors, granola bars, and 2 cookie types. The cookies are made with whole wheat flour – another detail not often found. Her products are both healthy and delicious.  

She strives to use Michigan ingredients while balancing price and a desire to include organically grown items – just like the rest of us. The MI ingredients most often used in Daily De-lish products are eggs, sugar, honey, and dried cherries.   

Molly has a background in restaurants having worked in the Test Kitchen as the recipe manager for a large LA-based restaurant group for several years (also doing PR work for them, book keeping, serving, training, etc.).  She told me that she has always loved baking - since she was a little girl with her Easy-Bake oven! She has been baking and creating recipes all her life.  When she became a die-hard granola eater, she realized that most of the store-bought variety seemed too dry and not filled with the nutritional goodies she like - namely nuts.  So she started making her own. She started the business in January 2010.

Allergy and Food Preference Information:

-          The Certified Gluten-free Granola is made with certified GF oats and has been certified in a lab. 

-          All granola contains Almonds & Walnuts.

-          The granola bars are nut-free.

-          3 granola flavors are Vegan: Agave-Nutmeg, Dried Cherry, Gluten-free.


Where to find the Daily De-lish products:

Restaurants: Trillium Haven (on brunch menu), The Terrace Inn, Petoskey, MI (on breakfast menu), Saburba in Ada (bags of granola & bars available for sale), The Pump House - Grand Rapids Knapp's Corner (on frozen yogurt bar as topping + bags available for sale)

Stores: Art of the Table (Grand Rapids), Nourish Organic Market (Grand Rapids), Grassfield's farm store, Beer & Skittles (Kalamazoo), Sawall Heath Foods (Kalamazoo), Summertime Market (Douglas)



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