Friday, May 11, 2012

Yeah, They Have Good Beer

It was a coincidence that I was in Asheville, NC during the Beer Poll battle between them and Grand Rapids.  I set up the vacation several weeks ago. I picked Asheville because they call themselves Foodtopia, and  I had to see for myself. More on that later.

There are nine breweries with an Asheville address and others in the surrounding area. My first night in town I drank a Highland Brewing Co. St. Therese pale ale. It has nice color and body with a citrus flavor, because it is dry-hopped with Cascadian hops. A woman in the adjacent table was drinking a Bell’s Oberon! The second beer that I had was at The Biltmore House. It was from Cedric’s Pale Ale from Biltmore Brewery which did not appear to be onsite. It was good; more of a beer for the masses. They day before  l left I stopped by the Asheville Brewing Company to try the Shiva IPA with some non-locally sourced peanuts. The beer had a beautiful butterscotch color with just the right head. It was crispy and citrusy. I also had a taste of their Fire Escape Pale Ale. Jalepenos are blended in post-fermentation. This beer had a distinct scent of jalepenos and a bit of a hot aftertaste. 

While at the Biltmore, I stopped by their winery and farm. The farm is more like a petting zoo and small kitchen garden. It tried three whites and a red at the winery. As I compare them to MI wines they were not as good – drier; tart to me. But, for the price I am sure that they please many people.

Sure the beer is good in Asheville, but my vote still goes to Grand Rapids. The voting ends at 11:59 on Sunday May 13, 2012. We are still neck and neck!

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