Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spaghetti Jim’s

I met Ann Abfalter at the Fulton Street farmers market. We became fast friends over packages of pasta. It was early spring and she had set up a booth with the pasta made and packaged by herself, her husband Jim, their partner Lori Fletcher, and a small staff.

They have a passion for pasta and it shows. They make hand crafted pasta in five cuts (spaghetti, fettuccine. linguine, paparadelle, tagliarini) and five flavors (organic whole grain farro, spinach nutmeg, roasted tomato, buffalo wing, and saffron). Ann cheerfully explained the pastas for sale, and I purchased the organic farro – eager to try it right away.

If you are a pasta lover – fresh is the way to go. It has so much more depth and character than commercial dry pasta. It cooks up quickly which helps to keep the kitchen cooler on these hot days of summer.

Spaghetti Jim’s has recently started serving take-out and eat in meals (open M-F 8 am to 6 pm) from the their small commercial kitchen operation; I stopped by last week. I was able to have a delicious lunch and tour the small pasta factory. The ingredients go into a mixer for 15 minutes and then go into a sheeter. After several runs through the sheeter the pasta is held together and flattened. Then it goes through a cutter and is vacuum packaged. They were making the spinach and the farro pastas.

For lunch I had the farro pasta with a basil pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, and Buzzelli’s hand made mozzarella. The basil and cherry tomatoes were locally grown. Spaghetti Jim’s purchases Michigan eggs for the pasta. They have several meal options and the menu is pasted daily on their facebook page. Their address is 1133 B South Airport Road in Traverse City, MI.

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