Friday, April 22, 2011

Michigan Wine Month

Earlier in the week The B.O.B. (owned by The Gilmore Collection) hosted the All Michigan "Not So Taxing" Wine Event to celebrate MI Wine Month. It was held on tax day. It featured around 100 wines from 30 Michigan wineries. Also present for munching were Vertical Paradise Farms, the Bear Lake Saskatoon Project, Stonehouse Bread, and Farm Country Cheese House.

The large banquet room on The BOB’s third floor was circled with tables representing Michigan wines. Two vintners to a table. They all had an ample supply of bottles along with the requisite glass rinsing pitchers. The wine makers were excited to see and talk to the attendees; they were very friendly and of course knowledgeable about their wines. I finally met Chantal after all these years of visiting Chateau Chantal winery and missing her there. It was an education on Michigan wines.

I tried a wide array of whites and reds. The Michigan reds seem to be improving annually. I had fun discussing the vintages and how the unpredictable Michigan weather affects them. 2009 was a bad weather year; 2010 was awesome. No matter what 2011 brings, the Michigan wine makers will be ready based on their substantial experience. During the evening I also was told about a Michigan wine blog.

I like all Michigan wines, but that evening a few stood out to me.

Domaine Berrien Cellars 2008 Syrah: It has an interesting combination of fruit and spice flavors as well as its being astringent.
Founders Luce De Sole: This one is made from the Vidal grape. It was sweet and dry; sort of tart.
Hickory Creek 2009 Chardonnay: It’s made in Buchanan and unoaked. That’s the way I like my Chardonnay.
Two Lads 2009 Cabernet Franc and Merlot blend: Two Lads is a relative new-comer to the Michigan wine scene, and I have always found that they do a good job with their wines.
St. Julian Forbidden Fruit Sangria: Ok, so I’ve never met a Sangria that I didn’t like. But, this one is local and delicious.
Good Harbor Sleeping Bare Blanc de Blanc: A 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine. It’s newly released, and I find that every day is appropriate for a sparkling wine.
Vander Mill Cider Mill and Winery apple-blueberry cider: These guys recommend using hard apple cider in mimosas (3/4 cup hard apple cider with ¼ cup orange juice). Their products are also served at restaurants. Graydon's Crossing and Brewery Vivant, both in Grand Rapids, for example.

Cheers to Michigan Wine Month!

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