Thursday, September 2, 2010

It’s Time to Roast Peppers

This is the time of year that a manicure would be a complete waste of time. My nails are completely stained with Michigan’s bounty. They won’t recover for weeks. They are my badge of kitchen courage. After my week of sauces, I moved to roasting peppers. Annually, I roast red bell peppers and Anaheim peppers. The reds are sweet and delicious. The Anaheim peppers are slightly hot and smoky.

I always tell people: If you have time to only preserve ONE vegetable this summer, make it roasted red peppers!

I use the reds in pasta, risotto, as an appetizer with artichokes, and on sandwiches along with portabella mushrooms. I had some left over from last year in the freezer (hard to believe). I made the roasted red pepper sauce from this website. It was delicious over polenta and grilled local vegetables.

The Anaheim peppers go well with the tomatillo sauce that I make annually. I use them in pasta or enchiladas. They are also great in Chili.

It is easy to roast peppers.
1. Wash the peppers and place them on a broiler pan (covered with aluminum foil) inside the broiler.
2. Check them every few minutes and rotate them when the side becomes blackened.
3. When fully roasted, pull them out and put them into a bowl. Cover the bowl with a towel to sweat them.
4. Take of your rings! Or, they will be covered with the pepper oil. (And look as bad as my fingernails.)
5. Cut the tops off, clean out the seeds, and peel the skin off. If bits of skin remain, that is ok. If you are roasting hot peppers, such as Anaheim, wear gloves during this step.
6. Put them into small snack zip bags. These can be stored in a larger bag or other freezer container.
7. Freeze. And enjoy all winter!
8. Be sure to wash your hands – and all kitchen surfaces – after handling hot peppers. And never touch your eyes after handing them.

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