Monday, July 19, 2010

Blueberries and Green Beans Part II

Right now, blueberries and green beans are in abundance at our local farmers markets. The blueberry and green beans title was not meant to be a suggestion for combined consumption on one recipe!

Here’s how to preserve green beans for use during winter.
1. Remove the plant end of the beans
2. Rinse them in cold water – remove any debris
3. Steam them in small batches until partially cooked; about 3 minutes. (I like steaming because it is easier to control the temperature. Boiling water cools down when you put the beans into it.)
4. Remove them from the steamer and cool them in ice water.
5. Lay them out on a towel and wipe excess water. (Otherwise they will get “snowy” in the freezer after a few months.)
6. Place beans on cookies sheets – don’t pile them too high, or they will clump together when frozen.
7. Freeze several hours until solid.
8. Place them in sealed plastic bag and place in a second sealed plastic bag. (Or use other air-proof containers.)
9. Label the containers with the date.

Don’t freeze more than you need for 8-12 months. They don’t hold over well beyond that time frame. When you use them, they will not be exactly like fresh cooked beans, but they won’t be like mushy canned beans either. We like to use them in Indian dishes and stir fry.


  1. I like 'em on my cereal.

  2. Great blog....good job on research and development!!! Lois